The best user-interface appears simple on the surface, yet hundreds of crucial design decisions have been made to guide, entertain and prevent trouble. I believe a good website design is one that shows restraint. I often advocate that less is more - both from a code and a visual perspective.

Knowledge and experience overview

I currently work full-time as lead UI developer on a Ruby on Rails project for a Fortune 500 company which is a leading brand name in it's sector. My role involves working closely with the UX department and the Ruby developers. There is significant overlap of skills on both sides and every day is different.

We are often presented with new ideas and new ways of doing things and my job is to consider how best to approach the task from a visual and coding perspective, foreseeing and averting any potential problem areas and implementing new designs with precision to display well on a range of desktop and hand held devices.

Experience in detail

  • Keen eye for great design, paying attention to detail about how the design looks on screen, with the use of silky smooth interactions, transitions and animation
  • Strong experience with CSS (and preprocessors like Sass or PostCSS), RWD, HTML
  • Experience with tools like Webpack and Babel
  • Interest and knowledge in ES6+
  • Clear understanding of how the DOM works in regards to rendering and performance
  • Experience with Git & GitFlow tools
  • Experience in working with designers and design tools (Sketch, Photoshop)
  • Good written and verbal communication skills, particularly the ability to communicate technical matters simply and clearly to non-technical colleagues
  • Capability to rapidly understand and accurately assess business needs and prioritise and propose suitable technical or process solutions
  • Strategic thinking: the ability to evaluate options in the short, medium and long-term and balance short-term pressures against longer-term strategic requirements
  • Ability to work efficiently and iterate often to produce high-quality code


“I had the pleasure of managing Simon for 14 months. Simon joined my team to help deliver a project with an incredibly tight deadline. The team already had 10 other team members at this point. Simon showed great enthusiasm and put in a lot of additional hard work to get up to speed quickly on the project. This was extremely beneficial for the team. Simon also possesses a valuable skill – he enjoys constant learning and improvement. During the time that I worked with Simon, there were times where we 'threw him in at the deep end' and he rose to the challenge.”

“Simon is a very candid individual and he displayed many key leadership qualities during our time working together. For example, Simon set a good example to those around him by maintaining a consistent output and high levels of effort. I have no doubt that this behaviour inspired those around him to do the same. He also encouraged his fellow team members and is a skilled frontend developer. He understands well the constraints that sometimes exist when working with slower-moving organisations and he has great interpersonal skills. If the opportunity arises for you to work with Simon, I would encourage you to do so.”

Freddie Smith - Former Executive Director at Purepoint


“Focus on UI has improved dramatically since Simon joined the team. Simon has managed to contribute effectively to a fairly complex project.”

“It's a breath of fresh air to be able to deliver more complex UI, like animations, thanks to having dedicated resources for that.”

Robert Starsi - Team lead at Purepoint


“With Simon's help, we were able to move the front-end part of our app to a new level.”

“Simon can produce high quality design/UI work in a very short period of time and demonstrates in-depth knowledge of CSS, HTML and general UI/design. He raises and fixes UI issues before they are even noticed by QA/PM. Simon goes the extra mile to help the team with front-end concerns.”

Work colleague - Purepoint


“It was a pleasure working with you.”

Charles Prynn - Back-end developer at Wirebox